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Words From The Author: Thaumaturgy

Words From The Author: Thaumaturgy

With publication just a few days behind us, today I wanted to do something a little different and talk about the inspirations and ideas that birthed my new Thaumaturgy novel. I’ve always been a big fan of mythology and the fantastical stories that spring from it. This was what inspired me to delve into the interesting and arresting Norse mythos for a lot of things you see in Thaumaturgy, the most prominent being the concept of the Nine Realms. In Norse mythology these are the Nine Worlds of the Yggdrasil or the World Tree. Each of the planes themselves are loosely based on their World Tree counterparts. For example, the frosty wasteland Plane, Zarna, is based on Jotunheim and Elvenheim is just a variant of Alfenheim. OverEarth gains its inspiration from Asgard, home of figures such as Thor and Loki. However, these aren’t the only mythologies that feature in Thaumaturgy.

UnderEarth (literally ‘under the earth’) is the home of many species of Demon, the siren-like Aphrodites as well as Banshees. It is a far more benign plane than its hellish inspiration and purposefully so. I knew very early that I was going to have a Demon character. In fact, Paimon was the second character that I invented in his entirety, Sascha being the first. I wanted to be able to show this character in a more personal light. Yes, Paimon is a Demon but a person is far more than their species or race. Of course, UnderEarth isn’t fire and brimstone just as Demons aren’t wicked creatures out for the corruption of the human soul.

I’ve had a love for quirky Necromancers since my early days, a delight that began with Laurell K Hamilton’s own book series featuring a Necromancer. I knew that eventually, one of my own characters would be one of these death mages as well, but why stop there? If necromancer means literally “death master”, what other masteries could there be? And so Eliann, the technomancer, was born. I had played around with other masteries as well, such as Animancers or “life masters” the counter-opposite number to the Necromancer. I am hoping to be able to utilize a few of these in Thaumaturgy’s sequel that is even now in the works.

Speaking of Necromancers, Sascha’s father, Gavriil’s, name is Bulgarian and means ‘strength of God’. I always pictured him, as an ex-general of Vatra, having a fierce admiration and loyalty to his goddess. Many of the names in the book follow this sort of purposeful pattern such as the Sluagh tradition of naming their children after ‘flight’ or ‘bird’ themes (the Sluagh Creature Feature can be found in the Notes section of my FB pages.) These are just a few of the little bits that I put into the book and the rest you’ll have to discover for yourself! I won’t give too much information away since I’ve already started work on both a sequel and a prequel novel for Thaumaturgy so many more extras and sneak peeks to come!