Writing Something A Little Different: Poetry

So instead of writing on Thaumaturgy today, I wanted to post something a little different. What could be different that my usual mein? Poetry.

Now a quick disclaimer: Poetry is not forte. Not in the slightest. But I thought it might be cool to write something short on a subject that I am both fascinated by and in constant adoration of. Tolkien’s Middle-Earth series. From the Children of Hurin to Return of the Long and everything in between. So how cool would a series of Middle-Earth inspired poems be? The answer: awesome. So enjoy!


Doth Simbelmyne bloom as bright,

Within Haradwaith downs?

In fair Forlindon, far Dagorlad,

Do the uilos coat the grounds?

None are spare the heat of strife,

As the flames of war doth spread.

For Nurn, Rhovanion, to Evendim,

Recount their glorious dead.


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