Thaumaturgy Creature Feature: The Ettercap

wpid-img_20150207_143843.jpg(I apologize in advance for this awful image. Disclaimer: I’m a writer, not an artist lol)

Thaumaturgy Creature Feature:


The eight-legged Ettercap is perhaps one of the strangest creatures of all of its Shadowborne kin. Heavily resembling a large, sickly pale spider, this being is one that most would hesitate to call humanoid. Boasting six arms and two spindly, digitigrade legs (limbs which feature, not backwards knees as many have previously thought but a high ankle, resulting in the Ettercap walking on very long carpals and tarsals) this Vatran native is truly a sight from a child’s night terror. The Ettercap has three small hooked claws for fingers and the fierce looking pedipalps and fangs of its arachnid counterparts which lead this being to often be misunderstood. In truth, they are quiet and unassuming, preferring their solitary lifestyles to the hustle and bustle of other Shadowborne.

Ettercap live to be 150 years old on average and most spend their lives peacefully secluded in their nests and burrows, avoiding conflict. Unlike their Planar kin, these beings shy away from war and battles. Their exoskeletons tend to be fragile, becoming more brittle as they age and so they are ever-cautious of breaks and damage. Ettercap are fascinating in the sense that they often create their own homes themselves. Using the sticky webbing their bodies create, they can build vast networks of water-proof, weather-proof tunnels, burrows and cocoons the size of whole rooms. It is traditional for juveniles to strike out on their own, building their own homes before taking a mate. In less developed Planes, this is done by building a sail out of webbing and literally flying away on the next large trade wind. Wherever the wind carries them in where the Ettercap will make his or her home. In places like Earth or UnderEarth, the move from their parents nest follows the more human method. Many Ettercap juveniles are waiting on Bonding nowadays and choosing to pursue a higher education before settling into a quiet, respectable life.


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