Thaumaturgy Creature Feature: The Manx

Thaumaturgy Creature Feature:

The Manx

The Manx is a humanoid feline species hailing from Raml Askare, a Plane that stands as the very embodiment of the Darwinistic ‘survival of the fittest’ philosophy. With their militaristic government and culture that stresses the importance of rank, the Manx is an excellent example of the sort of creatures that hail from that semi-arid realm. This creature boasts a streamlined body covered in tightly flattened fur that, at a moments notice can raise to give the impression of a bigger, bulkier body for enemies. Their fur is also imbued with a natural oil that makes escaping an enemy’s grasp child’s play. Razor sharp claws and pointed canines and incisors make this predator a fierce combatant.

Despite their deadly build, Manx aren’t typically an aggressive people. Living in large groups called ‘prowls’, they are primarily hunters living communal lives in the steppes of the Carnash plains of Raml Askare. Kits are cared for in groups called ‘cries’ by the elder females while the remainder of the prowl hunts, gathers and tends to the chores and needs of the community, Juvenile Manx are taken on their first hunts at the age of thirteen and will not receive their beads, a symbol of reaching adulthood, until they have brought back a kill for the prowl. These first hunts must be performed alone but once accomplished bring much celebration and joy to the community. The larger the kill, the more recognition the juvenile receives, and his or her beads are then woven into the loose fur around the face and ears.

The last few years have seen a new trend in the Manx communities. With the opening of the Planes after the Great Planar Wars and the easier accessibility of travel between them, many young Manx have opted to travel amongst the other realms once they acquire their adult statuses. This has resulted in an interesting array of new items and ideas being introduced into the once solitary, semi-nomadic prowls. Even things as simple as packaging imbued with food stasis charms, an everyday occurrence among the other realms, are only now beginning to see use with these communities.


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