Thaumaturgy Creature Feature: Necromancers (Better late than never)

So this got out a bit later today than expected but to be perfectly frank, I’ve been fighting a massive headache for the last several hours. Feels like my eyeballs are about to burst and it hurts just to see. However, for you, dear readers, I pushed through. I’ll probably go back to add to this extra when I’m not feeling my own skull implode. After all, our Thaumaturgy main character IS a Necromancer. So here it is. Enjoy!

Thaumaturgy Creature Feature:


The Shadowborne Necromancers are some of the fiercest and most unique of the Mother’s creations. Hailing from the Vatran Plane, these beings are their creatrix’s favored having their magic, their immortality “breathed” into them by the Mother herself. It is this favoritism that has led to these death mages being at the forefront of every Vatran battle, dispute and political endeavor since time immemorial. The most well-known of these particular Shadowborne are the Necromancer Elder and Council member, Timothy, and the former General Gavriil Pripyat. Timothy stands as both the eldest and most powerful of his kind as Necromancers only gain strength with time. Gavriil Pripyat, however while not the eldest, is renowned for his prowess in defending his own people and their UnderEarthian allies during the Great Planar Wars and then afterwards, hanging up his sword and taking to the defense and concealment of his kind during the humans’ wars that came after. He also remains as one of the few non-Council members that was blessed with the ability to converse with their matron goddess directly, a rare and coveted gift.

Necromancers themselves are human in appearance save for the occasional unusual eye color that crops up every few generations or so. Children born with these pigment mutations are said to be doubly blessed by the Mother, a sign that they are meant for great things. Appearance, however, is where the similarities to their human counterparts end, for even their souls are not compatible. At the spiritual level, Necromancers not only don’t enter into the life and death cycle as a typical being would,they are unable to. Their souls are designed to be incompatible with it and so they are the only truly immortal species in the entirety Nine Planes. A Necromancer has the option to rejoin with their creatrix, to become one with her once more, just as a Selkie must inevitably return to the sea. This is as close to death as they are able to come.

These death mages do have downsides to their varied abilities and skills. Their lifespans can be limitless,however, Necromancer juveniles do not hit the age of maturity until they reach Bonding or marriageable age, upon their 160th year. Until their maturity, they are vulnerable and easily susceptible to the Shadow Longing and its sway. Their abilities to raise, control and give a voice to the dead also come with a drawback. If the Necromancer is killed, an impermanent state for ones such as them, their bodies will not heal or return to their uninjured state until whatever substance they lost in that death is replaced.Their bodies must replace what is lost to become whole once more whether the substance lost be bone, blood, plasma, flesh, etc. No one has yet been able to discover the reasoning behind this particular quirk of their personalities, but juvenile Necromancers also are notoriously emotionally stunted and completely asexual. The closer they come to their 160th year, the more emotion begins to open up, however. No one has yet given an explanation as to the significance of the number 160 in their lifespans but when asked,with their “blessed” Shadowborne Council member acting as a translator, the Mother reacted with naught but an amused silence.


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