Thaumaturgy Special Feature: The Shadowborne

Another extra sneak peek coming at you on my upcoming novel, Thaumaturgy, available on Amazon and CreateSpace on February 14th! 🙂

Thaumaturgy Special Feature:

The Shadowborne

There is no group, no community, in all of the Nine Realms as unique and diverse as that of the Shadowborne. While some races and peoples are always exclusively Shadowborne, such as the Necromancers and Egregore, there are a select few which don’t hold to this pattern. For example, only some specific races of demon and the Sluagh Sidhe are Shadowborne whereas others of their ilk are not.

What defines a member of this particular group is their origin and ability. All Shadowborne originated from the Plane, Vatra, no matter their species. They also have the ability to use what they call the Umbra, or the shadows, to travel between destinations, even their own home Plane. The Umbra acts not only as a mode of transport but as safety and shelter. It stands as the embodiment of their matron goddess, the Mother, the being who created and blessed all of the Vatran races. In the case of the Necromancers, they are ingrained with a singular defense mechanism they refer to as “Shadow Longing”. It is a deep-rooted urge within their young to seek out the Umbra for shelter and security, some even staying within the darkness for years at a time. To the sole truly immortal species, however, such a time span is merely a drop of water within a bucket.

The Shadowborne as a whole answer to their governing Vatran Council, a ruling board that stands apart from the laws and governments of the Places that each individual Shadowborne claims citizenship of. It is this Council that lays down the edicts, summonings and even punishments at the behest of their Mother. There is always at least one Council member or emissary to the goddess to deliver her word as the Mother lacks a corporal body in the mortal plane. It is only in her own realm, a place “out beyond the Umbra” as they say where she can be found tangibly. A few examples of the Shadowborne people are, of course, the aforementioned: Necromancers, the semi-incorporeal Egregore, and the Elvenheim Sluagh. There are also Succubae and Incubi, Addonexi, a small number of Sorcerer denominations, the spider-like Ettercaps, the child-like Sceadugengan and the Lethifolds, just to name a few.


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