Thaumaturgy Special Feature: The Great Planar Wars

Thaumaturgy Extra:

The Great Planar Wars

In the age of the Roman legions and the Battle of the Teutoburger Wald, it wasn’t merely Earth that had become a wild and imperialistic sort of place. The entirety of the Nine Planes found itself erupting into the largest and bloodiest territorial war that the realms would ever see, even unto this modern age. It began as a simple desire on the part of the Elvenheim Triune to establish a trading colony in the Revnant Province of UnderEarth,just a few short miles outside of the small local of Estaneth where the Plane’s primary seer order dwells. The elvenvolke claimed that they coveted the fortuitously placed Plane, citing that it was the perfect place to begin trading with neighboring realms. UnderEarth is, after all, not only Outlands and Raml Askare adjacent but a neighboring Plane to Earth as well. The rulers of UnderEarth didn’t buy it.

Their realm was then ruled by the Presidents and Princes of large familial clans who oversaw the well-being and maintenance of their individual provinces. However,even when separately governed, the legions of UnderEarth were known to unite for their common good. The various demons and other beings who called the Plane home were fiercely protective of the seers who were charged with holding the balance of their realm in check. The clans refused to allow the elvenvolke to colonize so close to one of the sacred treasures of their people. In furious response, Elvenheim launched an assault on Estaneth that resulted in almost the entirety of the seers’ monastery being razed to the ground. Many were lost to the flames, a loss which to this day, the Muspel Siedh have yet to fully recover from. The clans formed a collective, a single entity, and rose up in defense of the blind, virtually defenseless Muspel Siedh with a vengeful, near religious zeal. This clash of realms was the match in a powder keg that would erupt into what would become forever known as the Great Planar Wars.

Unbeknownst to the defending UnderEarth Clan Alliance, the elvenvolke Triune had anticipated this retribution. On another front, the three Ladies of Elvenheim had sought out the Maenkorrig, the subterranean rulers of the fecund domain of the Outlands. Whispering poison into their Baba’s ear about a territory war festering amongst the Nine was all that was needed. They convinced Baba Grexing that the only way to defend their coveted, ore-rich lands was to join ranks with them and fight to keep it. Baba Grexing, known throughout for his suspicious nature and greed, was fooled. His people, the Maenkorrig, agreed. It was a decision that they would live to regret.

Together with their newfound allies at their back, the elvenvolke launched a siege on the UnderEarth capitol of Lielana. Unfortunately for their assailants, not only did UnderEarth boast a vicious and powerful military body, but they also had allies in very dark places. The Vatran Shadowborne entered the fray. Long had the Shadowborne been supporters of UnderEarth. When their Mother goddess had first sent her people out into the rest ofthe Nine, it had been UnderEarth that had welcomed them first. With their vast array of beings and creatures, their Necromancer generals at the head of the fray, the only thing that could have occurred was bloodshed. Unfortunately for the Elvenheim, bloodshed was just what the Necromancers needed.

The war spread rapidly, battlefields springing up on Earth, the Outlands themselves, Raml Askare and, even briefly, the frozen planes of Zarna. Planes joined the fight in hopes to claim disputed territories or to defend their own from those seeking to swell their own borders. Inevitably, the body count reached so high that even the most brutal of soldiers began to cringe away. In many Planes, news of insurrections and desertions were rampant in the streets. Elvenheim, being at the forefront of the battle since its birth and its fair people having little resistance to the Shadowborne magics, was hit the hardest. A third of their population was lost before the Triune relented and pulled out, only mounting a defense of its own borders from then on. Raml Askare claimed a small country on the Aidoma Plane for itself, establishing a trading colony there that would eventually help lead the “Mirror Plane” to prosperity a few years down the line. UnderEarth had won a large portion of what is now modern day Northern Europe though they released it on good faith at the end of the Great Wars to show that their people truly meant only goodwill for their human neighbors. It would be this act of magnanimity that helped springboard Earth into its age of enlightenment where their nonhuman neighbors would be recognized not only as another norm on their own but as eventual citizens. Leaders of every involved Plane (OverEarth, of course,being the sole neutral party given their active disregard and apathy for the remaining eight realms) met over the bloodied fields that they had once battled over and a peace treaty was struck. So savage had been the war and the loss of life that they determined to never again allow such a clash to break out amongst the Nine. Thus, the United Planar States were established.

UnderEarth dissolved its feudal state and began to create a government led, not by Great Presidents or Princes, but by ambassadors and emissaries. The remaining realms quickly followed their example, offering an example upon which Earth would later base democracy. Vatra had its Council, boasting the eldest of each of the most influential of their people. The Elvenheim Triune remained in power, but they too were pressured to provide a delegate for the Inter-Planar governmental alliance now building between them. Generals and soldiers put away their swords and took up a new rather pointed weapon: politics. A reluctant but long-lasting peace settled over the realms at last.

The Nine Planes


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