Thaumaturgy Creature Feature: The Egregore

Creature Feature…

The Egregore


The Egregore is a semi-incorporeal creature hailing from the Vatran Plane. This, appropriately, Shadowborne being is seen as a shadow person or a smoky figure whose form is always in flux, features blurred and outline ever-shifting. Egregore are one of the few beings who share a natural hive mind, or collective group mentality. Each is connected, similar to the vast mind web of the Novo Sorcerers, through a cognitive link to the rest of their kind. Their leaders arechosen by the Egregore with the strongest psychic pull out of the collect and thus infighting is virtually nonexistent. Each lives his or her own life save for when the hive calls. When the psychic call comes, each is bound by their very physiology to answer. Elder Hannoman, of the Shadowborne Council, has been the reigning Egregore Watcher, or leader, for the last twenty-two centuries. 

Egregore have been largely neutral in the various wars of the last twelve centuries, preferring to remain neutral in battles that don’t directly concern or threaten their collect. Today, most have chosen to stay in their home Plane rather than immigrate out as many of the other Shadowborne have. Because of their tendency towards neutrality, Egregore can often be found employed in positions such as legal mediators, psychologists, and judges. Due to their wavering and semi-incorporeal forms, they are skilled at getting to places most humans would not be able to, such as tight spaces in emergency situations and so are quite handy to have on first responder teams.

Egregore have long lives, just as many of their other Shadowborne cousins. One can estimate on of these beings’ ages by the color of their form. The older the Egregore, the more gray their figure becomes. Just before death, they will begin to turn sheer and transparent before inevitably fading altogether upon their demise.


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