Thaumaturgy Creature Feature: The Addonexi

Here’s another Creature Feature for your enjoyment from my new novel, Thaumaturgy, which releases on Amazon and CreateSpace on February 14th! 😀

The Addonexi 

The Addonexi is a being wholly unlike any other. In the times of old, when the Planes were a far more wild and dangerous place, the Addonexi were the cuckoo birds of the preternatural world. Like the changelings of the Trooping elvenvolke, these Shadowborne parents would place their own offspring in the place of a human child to be raised by the unaware parents rather than their own. After this exchange, the juvenile Addonexi typically will not meet their own progenitors until adulthood.

The human parents usually remain unaware of the change until the imposter child hits puberty. It is during this time that their humanity folds away and their true nature comes to the surface. Bones begin to shift beneath the skin and protrude through at the joints. Blades of bone emerge from the elbows, knees, fingertips as nails, and the top of the spine. These protrusions can be altered in length like a sword being sheathed or even elongated to be used in battle. The pubescent Addonexi would then either make an escape in the night before the parents are any the wiser or slaughter their adoptive caregivers before seeking out his own kin for mentorship.

Addonexi are, once reaching maturity,relatively solitary save for their clan meetings every “seventh moon”, or every seventh month. As they are of the Shadowborne ilk, these beings answer to the Council, on which stands one of their own,the Elder Josiah. Individual clans are generally made up of between twelve and twenty Addonexi. Juveniles are drawn to the nearest of their kind in their immediate area by instinct and are paired with a mentor upon arrival. They are, like the fae, blessed with long life and often live as long as a few thousand years. During the Great Planar Wars, the Addonexi were some of the fiercest soldiers for the Vatran-UnderEarth alliance.


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