Social Media Apps Here I Come. Sigh.

          So, in light of my dearly beloved editor-in-chief pushing me to expand my marketing campaign for my books with Thaumaturgy’s release looming ever nearer, I’ve broken down and done the one thing that I have for years resisted. I downloaded not only the Twitter app but the Facebook app too. Let’s not forget the WordPress app! Sigh. All of these sites are platforms that I’m now using on a regular basis to bring all of you these extras and sneak peaks as well as just updates on our progress. Before today, I’d always just used them in browser but it seemed that I spent longer trying to login to this site and copy and paste between these two sites. It’s been a hassle, so I folded at last to the temptations of convenience. Folded like a cheap lawn chair. What are your experiences with these app platforms? On a scale from one to invading Russia in the winter, what’s your opinion? 😉


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