Thaumaturgy Creature Feature: The Itheadrom


(pronunciation: ith-EE-drum)

The Itheadrom, or Light Eaters, are a small race of the elvenvolke of the Elvenheim Plane. They were once members of the Trooping fae who broke away from their nomadic tribes after much infighting. Their lack of Court afterwards brought them under the jurisdiction of the Sluagh Court, an alliance that proved to be not only fortuitous but lucrative. After the Itheadrom fell under the protection of the Host King at the time, Keyx, their numbers rose and they experienced a period of fruitfulness and prosperity with their new people in the mountainous regions of Elvenheim.

As a humanoid species, able to blend in with humanity far easier than their Sluagh cousins due to their lack of the distinctive Host wings, the Itheadrom oftentimes leave their home Plane to make a life amongst the other Planes. More often than not, they find themselves settling in UnderEarth or Earth,though they always return back to Elvenheim to pay fealty to their king, much like the Necromancers with the pilgrimages to their homeland. Like the rest of the elvenvolke, while not truly immortal,the Itheadrom are blessed with long life. Unlike the Sluagh, though,they are still subject to the soul-rebirthing process through the Triune whenever each dies. Oftentimes, the newborns are shipped to their king as soon as they are able to be transported, safely out of the sight of the Triune, who find having to birth the souls of traitors distasteful, at best.

Though the Itheadrom are called “light eaters”, they do also consume regular foods and rather enjoy fresh produce, a throwback to their Trooping heritage as the Solitary fae are largely gatherers. The consuming of light comes from their ability to literally swallow luminescence, whether it be natural light or man-made. They are able to utilize this stored light to create a sort of bioluminescence that can be used to put on beautiful, shimmering displays used to attract potential mates or to send out bright flashes of light to blind enemies. Their ability to extinguish light has made them a popular companion amongst the Shadowborne, a large group of different races who all originated from the Vatran Plane and use the shadows as means of travel.


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