Thaumaturgy extra: The Triune Rebirthers


An entry from a companion book for the Thaumaturgy book series.

The Triune Rebirthers

In the fae realm of Elvenheim, there exists a trio of sisters called the Triune. These siblings, named Helen, Meera, and Niah respectively, stand as the figureheads to their people, the elvenvolke. However, this trio has another far more intriguing function in the workings of the Plane they call their own. The Triune serve as the literal fount and life blood of the fae for they are tasked with birthing each and every one of their people into the world.

Now, the necromancers have their immortality and Mother and the humans have their Heaven and Hell. Even my own kin, the Novo sorcerers, whose consciousness’ are imprinted through spellwork onto the next generation in a vast mental network of those who came before. The fae, however, have a very different cycle of life and death, one that is unique amongst every creature and being in these Nine Realms. The elvenvolke possess their own cycle, one in which each fae soul is drawn into one of their Triune’s bodies and reborn into a new body. Whether they been Seelie, Unseelie or Trouping fae. However, each sister is charged with representing her particular Court. Lady Meera, a dark haired beauty, represents and mothers the entirety of the Unseelie fae. Lady Niah who is by far the quickest to fury and vengeance, births the unpredictable Trouping fae. Their sister, Lady Helen, stands as the mother of the Seelie Court and the most even tempered and calm out of the three, the peace in the peace in the storm and voice of reason for the three. While the three sisters do not play any active role in the government, their representatives and political leaders defer to their advice and decisions in all things on and off of the Planar governmental stage.

The Triune have long since held a personal, deep-seated loathing for those of the UnderEarth Plane, a Plane that was their staunchest enemy in the Great Planar Wars. It was these wars that brought about the bureaucratic alliances between the Planes and united the Nine Planes into a single unit known as the United Planar States or UPS. The Elvenheim Plane lost a third of its population in the devastation that was the Great Wars, an outcome that nearly brought the realm’s mothers to their knees with the press of souls requiring rebirth. The Triune had no other option but to pull out of the battle for dominance on the Planar field to see to their own people, a fact that the generals of UnderEarth took well advantage of in the months leading up to the end of the Wars. It is for this reason that, to this day, the Ladies of Elvenheim seek to wheedle their way into usurping their greatest rival through any means necessary.


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