New Official Page and Thaumaturgy Published!

Birds eye view of Pripyat, Ukraine. Is that the Pripyat Family House I see out in the distance? 😉 Kidding!

Hello everyone! Given that Thaumaturgy is going to be available for sale (via Amazon with Kindle coming up a few days behind!) very very soon, next week at the soonest, I decided to make an official C.L. McReynolds Facebook page! It contains news on publication dates, special offers, sneak peaks, behind the scenes and characters sorts of things as well as some short stories that had never before seen the light of day! I’ll also be keeping all of you posted on how the book process is going as well as listing polls for things you guys would like to see in upcoming novels! Please go ad show your support at A Glimpse Behind The Cover: C.L. McReynolds here….

And please don’t forget to show your support and love by picking up your very own copy of the book on Amazon on February 5th!


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