I’M BACK!: The End Of NaNoWriMo 2014 And A Short Introduction To My New Novel!

Hello, everyone! I know that it has been a dreadfully long time since I’ve posted anything and so this is me, letting you all know that I am back and with a whole heap of material for all of you to enjoy! So what have I been up to for the last few months?

1. Prophets and Providences!

For those of you who read my last post or two, some time ago, I took several of my story clips and pieces off of Word Press because I was planning to publish the book that they belong to. Well, now I have! Prophets and Providences is now available on Amazon (on sale in fact!) in paperback and on Kindle! 😀 I’m officially a published author!

2. NaNoWriMo Came Like A Mack Truck and Ran Me Over!

Yep, it came that time of year again! Time for the harried and sleepless, caffeine fueled National Novel Writing Month! Some of you may not be familiar with this month long Looney-Tunes-Goes-To-Crazy-Town endeavor. The goal is to write a novel, specifically AT LEAST, 50k words in the month of November. Crazy right? You would be absolutely correct. I finished my 50k on the 11th day in but my novel isn’t finished there. There are still five days left and I’m approaching the end of my new novel now.

3. My Sister Moved Back Home

So my younger sister moved home and I was thrilled! She usually only comes over once or twice a week so I’m just tickled to have her back home. 🙂 However, the room she is now having to stay in needs some work and she’s kind of particular about how the house looks so I’ve been trying to keep things in a relative semblance of order so she’s comfortable.

4. I Got A New Pet!

I know, you’re thinking, “Another one?” My thoughts exactly but it couldn’t be helped. A few weeks ago, I rescued a tiny, North American Grey Tree Frog from our Garden Center at work where she surely would have perished otherwise, because the temperatures the next night dropped far lower than her species tolerance could handle. After a week of watching over her to make sure she would take to life in captivity, I finally named her Gladstone. 🙂 My sister keeps telling me she’s going to get fat because I always get her the best crickets and moths to eat! She is doing fine and is quite content in her large tank. Now I have three of our SIX animals in my room! Let’s do a countdown. That’s one sad fish, my sister’s enormous but super sweet dog, Bear, my one eyed bratty dog, Mercy, an epileptic sugar glider, a surly hedgehog and one mottled tree frog. 😛 My bedroom is now, literally, a zoo. xD

Anyways! My editor tells me that I am not using my social media enough to advertise my books! So I’ve decided to do exactly what I did from the start and begin posting excerpts of my new novel, Thaumaturgy (title still at the drawing board), here for all of your enjoyment!

Thaumaturgy is about the young necromancer, Sascha Pripyat, as he tries to battle against a mysterious plague that is spreading quickly across the Nine Planes and even his own kind, the Shadowborne. With the help of his colleague, the technomancer, Eliann Graison, and a flirty, genderless demon named Paimon, they soon discover that there is far more to this Wasting Sickness than any of them thought. What does it have to do with the Pripyats and why exactly is the Council of Elders and their goddess, the Mother, holding his family personally responsible?

And for all of those who would like to support me as an author and enjoyed my clips here of Prophets and Providences, please go to Amazon and purchase the book! I can’t tell you how much I would appreciate it and for everyone who does, I will give a special sneak peak of one of the brand new short stories that will be in my short story anthology in the spring!


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