Ten Fanfiction Writing Challenges


In light of SOPA and how soon fanfiction may be something extinct, like the storms of yesteryear to be spoken of in fond whispers and traded on the black market (lol), I’ve devised a special writing challenge for all of my fanfiction authors and even you readers ducking for cover out there! April first begins the summer edition of National Novel Writing Month, Camp NaNoWriMo, so I challenge all of you willing to accept the task to take on this literary duel with gusto! Once you are finished, good or downright terrible, post it! So come join the legions vast of authors with this funny and quirky To-Do list of writing challenges and see how many you can accomplish! 🙂

Challenge One…Have someone pick a number between one and one hundred. Turn the television on to that channel and write a short story or story clip incorporating whatever is playing on that channel. And remember, the news still counts!

Challenge Two… What’s your favorite Disney movie? Second favorite? I think two of the characters from each one should have a random encounter.

Challenge Three… Pick a random book from the nearest book shelf. Now add ninjas to it. If ninjas are already contained therein, then add a hippie sheep herder named Dan.

Challenge Four…Rescue five stories by making a copy of each one to save. The reason for this being that many authors lose their works forever when their respective sites purge them. Oftentimes the author’s only way to recover these works is if their readers have copies. Ao3 (Archive of Our Own) has an awesome download feature on their site already but for Fanfiction. Net you will need to download the Fanfiction Downloader first (insert link).

Challenge Five… Give someone’s work a really great review. Nothing boosts the confidence to write like awesome feedback!

Challenge Six… Pair up two characters that no one expects, even you!

Challenge Seven… Have a character reminisce about the “good old days”.

Challenge Eight… Write a scene incorporating a flash mob and have a character learn the reason for it.

Challenge Nine…Pick a historical event and write it into modern times. If it is a modern event, write it into the olden days!

Challenge Ten… What would your favorite characters say if they were spying on you in your day to day? Write yourself into the story and tell us!

Can you manage all ten challenges in thirty days? Make it so, number one, and don’t forget to post what you end up with for many others to read and enjoy! 😛


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