Hello All!


Hello Ladies and Gents!

I just wanted to let all of you know that Mrs. Paula Osborn has very kindly extended a special discount for all of you that will last up until June 30th. For any purchase made through her store http://thethriftyamishandmennonitecloset.com/ each of you will receive 10% off the complete purchase price when you use the coupon code below, so any of you who are looking for Plain or modest clothing or just love Amish and Mennonite things, definitely check it out so we can support her amazing shop! 🙂

Coupon Code: writers bay

Also, currently I’m working on SEVERAL  posts for this blog, they are just a little hard to get through, so here’s the roster of posts you can expect to come shortly!


A reimagining of Lamentations 1:1-9

A Picture Tutorial: How To Get A Lot of Hair Under A Tiny Starched Cap!

The Mennonite Reveal: A special chapter sneak peek at my upcoming book


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