This Wonderful Strange Person That Is Me

wpid-IMG_20140317_222459.jpgSo today was the first day I wore my hearing aids with my starched prayer cap. The nature of my hearing loss is such that it isn’t a problem 100% of the time and for the first time in a long time, I had been having several “hearing” weeks in a row where wearing the hearing aids wasn’t needed, so I was a little apprehensive about having to wear them with my tighter starched cap that I favor for work. It ended up being a little unwieldy and awkward to wear beneath the stiff fabric but not impossible. I think I may try to stick to my larger bonnets on my “Deaf days” though. 🙂

The whole endeavor got me thinking about this strange, wonderful person that God made me, though. It brought to mind the identity that I’ve found for myself which, while difficult to understand for some, has come to define the person that I have and am still growing into little by little.

I am a Mennonite.

I am Hard of Hearing.

I use to think that a person couldn’t be more than one thing at a time without one or the other suffering for it. You can be student and a good daughter or a gamer but one or the other takes precedent at one point or another. A person can be a good friend or a good partner to their loved one but at some point are you better as one or the other? Like when you chose to cancel a special night with a spouse in favor of going to comfort a depressed friend. That’s what I use to believe but slowly as time goes by, my thoughts are starting to change on the matter. I believe that in many instances, it doesn’t have to be a small sacrifice on one part or another, that we can separate the parts of our identities equally. United instead of divided. Together rather than apart.

wpid-IMG_20140317_222501.jpgwpid-IMG_20140317_222404.jpgWow, you can barely even tell I’m wearing the aid at all! XD These photos were a product of a fun friend’s visit while we put together some goody bags for my mother. Good times helping out others! 🙂


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