Consider The Lilies (cont.)

IMG_20130828_082011-289468831Spring is here! The Garden Center is open once more! And if you disregard our typical bipolar, paranoid schizophrenic Tennessee weather, it’s the best part of the year at last! With spring comes another milestone of the liturgical calendar, as well. Lent has arrived bringing with it a time of reflection and humility. Today, my Bible reading came from Luke 12:27 when Jesus was speaking to the disciples before the multitudes, trying to make them see that they were to put their faith in him before worldly concerns and he would see them through. He told them to “consider the lilies”, and without even realizing it, I found myself considering them too. It is a beautiful, sun-shining day, not a cloud in the sky and all of the colorful buds and blooms proclaiming to the heavens. For a moment, I thought, “It must be so nice to be a flower. No work, no mean-spiritedness to contend with”. They are here for a moment and then they are gone, but oh, what a life to have lived! To spend your whole life basking in the sun and your entire purpose in the world is to show people with your very being, the beauty that God gave you, that he is  good, kind Creator. After all, a cruel Master probably wouldn’t create such tiny, lovely, fragile things as this. Then, I realized that, just like those lilies, that was my job too. My purpose in life, too, was to show with my very life that God is my Creator by having just as lovely and cherishing a life as those flowers did. By not only proudly wearing the garb of my faith but by being an ambassador for that faith and showing the world what a disciple should be, I could be just as bright as those lilies.

Even if I was only here for a moment and then gone, Oh what a life to have lived.


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