Garden Department Adoption Center

So I’ve decided that the garden center is a lot like an adoption center. People come in and look at the flowers and sometimes they take them homImagee and give them good homes. They take them home and care about them. I came to this conclusion while I was sweeping the center today. At first, I started cleaning because I was bored and if my manager came in and saw me reading I would be reprimanded. However, as I finished my morning prayer as I swept, I was reminded of the little plant I had saved only a few days ago. It had been taken out of one of the eight packs of pansies and left to die by some careless customer in favor of it’s more lovely cousins. An unwanted and unloved, flowerless thing, left behind because someone thought that it was ugly, useless and misbegotten. But I didn’t. I plucked it from certain death and give it a pot here in the center. Five days later, not only was it stronger and healthier but it had a single, bright orange flower. I took it home, loved it and gave it a place of it’s own. The next day, I would find another pansy similarly abandoned and would save it as well. I like to joke that I was running a flower rescue out of the center. It got me thinking about flowers though and if they wanted homes as much as little children did. With that, I started to see the center not as a store selling merchandise but as an adoption center where people came to find something to love a little. And if course every adoption center needed to be clean. If people came and saw that our center is slovenly then they may think our plants are too and not want to take them home! So began my new mission.


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