Froggy Fretting and Grace In Love

Little frog covered in dust

So when I woke up at an unholy four a.m. to go to work this morning, I didn’t expect to really do anything useful today. Sure, I think any job done with love is done with peace but my meager hardware store cashier position isn’t exactly out on the front lines helping people. I woke up, made coffee, had my morning prayer as I tied my head covering and trodded off to the depot before the sun had even risen. Perhaps I was in a good place in my cashier’s position after all.

There I was, pen and paper poised to work on chapter three of my Thaumaturgy story, humming a hymn to keep myself in good spirits, when I noticed this dust bunny at the edge of one of the carts. It was just a puff of white debris and we were in dire need of a sweep in the building materials department, so I paid it no mind. I paced a little more, trying to write Sasha’s raising of a dead kidnappers save a young girl. There is was again, a little further out from beneath the cart. I thought perhaps a breeze had caught it and maybe I should sweep after all, since we were supposed to have company big wigs in today.

Suddenly, the dust lump jumped! Upon closer inspection, I realized that it wasn’t debris at all. It was a tiny frog that had somehow gotten caught inside in the night. It had become covered in a thick layer of grimy dust and drywall, so much so that it was barely recognizable. I scooped the little guy up and promptly deposited him outside. After all, there’s no good end for any animal that loses its way inside an enormous building. In hindsight, I wished I had just put him in my pocket until I went to the garden center because for the next forty five minutes, I agonized over whether or not he was going to be trodden or run over or eaten by a bird. I watched him until all I could see of him was the occasional high hop over the far speed bump. I prayed that he would get to safety. I had gotten him safely out of the building, the rest was in God’s hands.

I am an avid animal lover. I can often be found rescuing moths (nighttime butterflies, in my opinion), dogs, even lone ants and spiders on occasion. I always remember hearing that a man who treats animals poorly will usually treat people poorly too. The Bible charges us to love all people and to love animals too. I believe there’s a grace, a serenity, in giving love to those ” lesser creatures”, even the ones that others think are “icky”.


Dust bunnies

Dust bunnies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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