A Fall Garden Party

IMG_20130826_120400332118214I’m experimenting a bit with poetry and song so pardon my blurbs here.

The day is warm, sweet and bright as a shiny new penny.

The Violas are Jumping-Up,

And the Mums are keeping mum.

The Pansies have tilted their sleeping faces to the sun,

Waking to find that they are many.


The Azaleas sit in their shaded lounge spaces,

Gossiping merrily over the Hydrangea’s latest color change.


The Daisies stand regal and tall overhead, gazing about their kingdom with an air of haughty grace.

They never condescend to the lower blooms, those barely flowered things below.

The Gardenia’s lie back, heavy and glutted, as they wax philosophical amongst themselves.

All the while, the Rosemary and Lavender smile to one another with the silent coyness of secret knowledge shared.

They know that the true meaning isn’t to have the most glorious blooms, but to be joyous and useful.

A reflection of the Creator’s promise of new life and happiness.



Heartsease (Viola tricolor) Français : Pensée ...

Heartsease (Viola tricolor) Français : Pensée sauvage (Viola tricolor) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Hydrangea (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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