If That’s Love It Comes At Much Too High A Cost

hair2So, I’m newly single and this was a little ditty I wrote at work before I decided that it just wasn’t going to work. That whole ‘Should-I-Stay-Or-Should-I-Go’ phase. The title of this blog is from Defying Gravity from Wicked (even though I’m listening to Idina Menzel’s cd single of it. Pretty different from the original.)

““`This is a line break““““““““““Lol“““`

A balancing act between two selves.

A tightrope, coiled and tenuous, stretches on,

Never ending into the openness.

The sight of ground is just a fading memory.

Will I fall up or will I fall down,

And which will lead to the acclimation of my one true Self?

Will either?

Or is the best path this balancing act?

Is it far better to stay this fractured, dual course,

Or to let myself fall?



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