Providence- Part Thirteen


Hi, Mercedes! Want some breakfast? It’s chocolate pancakes!” Nathaniel’s voice pierced the air like a needle through fabric.

Despite the bad blood where Shaun was concerned, I had a really hard time hating Nathaniel. Sure, apparently everyone wanted her and I felt somewhat vindicated that the Fates thought she was an abomination, but she was just so…nice. She was sweet and wanted to be friends with everyone, no matter what they said or did. To think that she was essentially a prostitute once was baffling. It had been speculated that she had a little something going on mentally, which would account for her child-like behavior and personality and I just couldn’t hate her. I really wanted to but I couldn’t. 

No, thank you. However, if any of you touch my elevator again, I will have no other choice than to forcefully eject you from the premises.”

A rude snort caught my attention, the one called Gavin, from the sound of it.

What are you gonna do? Go bat your eyelashes at Shaun until he does what you want? I hate to break it to you, rich boy, but we’re wise to your game and so is he. That’s why he kicked you to the curb. Shaun wouldn’t want anything to do with someone like you.”

The words stung and I hated that they did. What did this useless, ignorant child know? I could hear Nathaniel gasp out in abject horror at the words and another voiced piped up from the small table nearby.


It did no good. My blood boiled beneath my skin. How dare these strangers come into our house and treat me as if I were the second class citizen! Had they no shame?! No sense of propriety?! 

Might I remind you that you are in MY house, you pathetic excuse for a mangy cur.” I bit out the words as if I were biting off my own tongue, poison practically dripping from my mouth.

It’s actually your brother’s house and as long as your Fate buddies are trying to kill Nate, we’re here to stay, so you may as well get used to us.” The nerve! My fingers itched with the urge to wrap around that little ponce’s neck. The was a smirk in his voice when he spoke next, “Oh and by the way,” I took a step forward, intent on throttling him so hot was the fury coursing through me. “There’s a stool there.” 

My leg connected suddenly with Anette’s little stool she used to reach the high cabinets and, for the second time in the last fifteen minutes, I was falling. My hands flailed for something, anything to catch myself on and at the last minute, I caught hold of the side of the counter as well as something cold that sent shock waves of agony up my arm. The pain I felt from hitting my elbow before was nothing compared to this. This pain was red hot, like fire or lightning. I cried out at the sudden influx of excruciating sensation shooting through my hand. There were footfalls rushing into the room but I didn’t care anymore. Why did these wretched Prophets have to be here?! Why did everything have to go so wrong?! Something hot was spilling over my finger and soaking into my sweater sleeve. It wasn’t until I heard my brother’s enraged voice did it occur to me what it could be. Blood.

SHAUN! It’s alright, Mercedes, it’s going to be fine. You’re going to be fine.” He was kneeling down beside me, settling me down on the stool that had nearly killed me, “What the blazes happened here?!” He shouted, turning to the room’s other occupants to vent his ire. 

Anette’s calm voice whispered sweetness into my ear as she pressed a towel into my hand. The skin between my thumb and pointer finger felt loose and torn. Something had cut through the flesh there.

Gavin was being mean to Mercedes and then Mercedes tripped over the stool and his hand came down on the peanut butter knife!” Nathaniel’s tearful explanation spewed forth without pause or delay.

Gavin’s whisper of “traitor” was almost drowned out by Shaun’s arrival in the kitchen.

Please tell me that I did not hear you correctly.” The leader of the Prophet’s voice was colored with anger, but not as much as Mercy’s was.

My brother rounded on Shaun like a feral cat.

I want all of your delinquents in here NOW!” He apparently didn’t have to wait. The shouting had brought everyone in the entire house to their side, “This is my house and in my house we have rules! We keep the floor clean and obstacle free, and we keep utensils where they belong! We do not use the elevator for he sheer stupidity of it! My brother is bleeding now because of your foolishness! As long as you are in my house, you will obey these rules because if they are not followed, I will have each and every one of you locked up for vagrancy!”

Anette was tugging me away towards the front door. Evidently, the injury was bad enough that it warranted a trip to our friendly neighborhood hospital. I wasn’t so far away that I missed out on hearing Shaun sucker punch that ponce, Gavin, in the face. The day had some benefits, after all. Mercy joined us in the car, threatening bodily harm if the house was not back to it’s original state by then time we returned. He was seething next to me in the seat and despite the nauseating pain I was in, I leaned my head onto his shoulder in a silent show of gratitude and appreciation.


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