Providence- Part Ten

imagesCADSO1KWOnce again, warning about the pairings. There are pairings even though romance isn’t really the main function and they are as follows:  Nathaniel/Mercy, Anya/Jamal?, Jude/Ophelia, Shaun/Mercedes (nothing even remotely graphic, this is definitely staying pg13 so no worries but this was a special request pairing from the original co-author so I feel obligated to keep it even though she’s no longer with us). I am not going to make anyone read anything they aren’t comfortable with, though there isn’t even any kissing. Seriously.


Once I was clear of the Dining Hall, I walked as fast as I was able to with my cane and jerked the front door open. I could not stand to be in this house right now. A cab came to my call immediately. Of course I could have taken one of our cars and our driver into town, but I wanted away. I wanted away from my brother’s influence and greedy reach if only for a little while. I slid into the cab quickly, shocked to feel another body slide in after me. I would have thought it was Mercy if not for the smell. I knew that scent anywhere and the thought sort of just frustrated me. The cab began to drive at my instruction.


Hey, are you alright? I’ve never seen you scream at anyone before and judging by the looks on your family’s faces, I’m guessing it’s not a usual thing. What did you say to him back there? I thought his mouth was going to hit the floor!” Shaun sort of joked lightly.


His presence made my stomach coil tight and viciously and I fought the urge to hide my head in my hands and never have to look at him again. That would have been just as bad as not facing him at dinner. I tucked my cane in between my legs, leaning my head on the end of it as if garnering strength from the item that had been my constant companion for so many years.


I told him that he should have finished me off when he killed our mother.” I said blankly, wincing inwardly at my own angry words.


Shaun’s stilled and I could almost taste his surprise that I was capable of saying such a thing. News flash!


Did he?”


I was silent for a moment before sighing. I didn’t want to explain this to him. I didn’t even want to talk to him! Especially to air out our family’s dirty laundry. I would never let Mercy know that I felt guilty for our mother’s death.


You know that every Prophet, Mortiferi, even the Fates themselves have to experience death within their first few years of life. Otherwise their powers never develop.” Shaun hummed in acknowledgment, “Well, our mother was a frail, lovely woman and when she went into labor, our father and uncle, our entire family in fact, were only expecting one baby. One heir to the De Luca name. Instead, they got me too. During her pregnancy, mother experienced some…complications. I was born blind, my mother died and Merceillious was born perfect. He’s always considered it his fault. Even though we both know that if I weren’t there…If I weren’t the surprise baby, she would still be alive.”


My words were so full of bitterness that I could feel him flinch. The cab came to a stop and I got out, almost wishing that he would just stay in the car and leave me be. Of course that was just too much to ask. He followed me out of the cab. To be completely honest, I wasn’t exactly sure WHERE on Charing Cross the cab had dumped me. The street was rather long and I couldn’t hear any deciding factors. Like a moron, I had stormed out of the house without my smart phone. I would have just asked Shaun but I was still feeling the sting of him practically pawing Nathaniel. He was no better than Mercy. They deserved each other, really.


You know that’s not true. It isn’t your fault.” Shaun said from behind me as I tapped my way over to a bench I discovered right in front of me.


I slumped down into it, feeling somehow heavy, though it wasn’t bodily fatigue that I was suffering from. Why couldn’t the bloody wretch just leave me alone? Hadn’t he rubbed everything in my face enough already? I had to live with him now for Heaven’s sake!


May I ask why you seem to find it necessary to follow me? I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself as I prove every day. I am not an infant.” I said, my voice taking on an icy tone.


I could feel Shaun stiffen next to me suddenly at my harsh words.


There’s no need to get snappy, Mercedes. I just wanted to make sure you were alright.” Shaun said crisply, sounding distinctly offended.


I snorted.


Why do you care, anyways? It’s not like there aren’t better things for you to do.”


The thunder sounded loud and near from above. It would rain soon.


What is your bloody problem?! You scream at your brother and then you turn around and take it out on me! Is it because of what he said?” He demanded but I glared furiously, standing up suddenly to find myself almost flush against him. I hadn’t realized he was so close.


What’s my problem?! You’re the one practically pawing Nathaniel in front of me! Just because I’m blind, you think I can’t tell?! You’re just as bad as Merceillious! The two of you wankers deserve each other!” I yelled, for one of the few times in my entire life.


I RARELY actually screamed at someone and it was usually Mercy I was screaming at. Now, I was batting two for two today. I seemed to be yelling about Shaun quite a bit. First when Mercy chase him off. Second, at the dinner table not fifteen minutes ago. And third, right now with Shaun himself. He did seem to bring out the worst in me. Perhaps that was a sign. I’d never believed in all of that astrological bull, but who was I to say? I had visions of future deaths, for crying out loud. I really had no room to throw stones.


I am not pawing her!”


You want to though! You may as well be! Intentions are just as bad as actions, Shaun!”


He did not bite back a retort, but stood there silently, though his anger was a hot tangible thing. No matter how angry he got, though, I knew that this had to be done. If I didn’t tell him all of this, get it off of my chest, then I would never be able to live with myself. I would always have regrets and if causing people’s deaths taught me one thing in my life, it was to never have regrets.


That doesn’t matter now, does it? You can’t have us both, Shaun. You can only have one, that’s the way it works. By hanging on to both of us, you’re doing both Nathaniel and me wrong.”


I could almost feel his glare on my skin as I sat back down on the bench. The wind was picking up and it was becoming chilly. Curse my inability to grab a jacket! I really was inept, wasn’t I? I heard him step back from me lightly, though his footsteps betrayed his anger.


Well maybe I don’t want to hang around with some spoiled kid who just depends on his family’s money and his brother to get by! You can’t do anything without that creep! Even leaving the house you have to have his driver take you anywhere! Everything you have is just because of him. I think I’ll stick with the people who don’t kill for a hobby, thanks.” He yelled at me before storming away down the street.


I froze as he walked away, his words hitting their intended target and piercing me all the way through. As the rain began to pour down, I began to tremble. It was a downpour, thunder booming overhead and people running for shelter, but I didn’t move from that spot on the bench. I sat as the street emptied and felt the all consuming crushing feeling of his heartless words breaking my heart. I’d never been in love before. Now I was sure that I never wanted to be. That temporary bliss one felt when it was good wasn’t worth the anguish you felt when it was through. Vaguely I could hear my cell phone ringing from inside the everything proof satchel I always carried on my person but I didn’t pick it up. I’m not sure when I retrieved the panic button that Mercy made me wear around my neck since I was four, nor when I pressed the red button on it. All I knew was that eventually Merceillious’s stretch limo was pulling up in front of me.


He stepped out of the back seat, not minding the downpour as he took off his duster and wrapped it around my soaking wet frail shoulders. As soon as I realized he was with me, I threw all dignity to the wind and burst into tears against his chest. He eased me into the vehicle gently, curling me against him protectively. I could tell by what he was wearing that he had been in a business meeting when I sounded my alert. Somehow it made me feel even worst to know that he had left a meeting with clients to come to my aid without a moment’s hesitation. A crushing guilt suddenly overcame me and the pain I felt tripled in intensity. I couldn’t believe I had said such a horrible wretched thing to my brother! My brother who had always cared for me even though the rest of our family would have rather chucked me in an orphanage. I clung to Mercy as if he were the only solid thing left in the world and whispered over and over to him.


I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry…”


Mercy (Photo credit: NorCalGSPrescue)


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