Providence- Part Six

imagesCADSO1KWNext part! Enjoy!


I grinned at the teen sitting next to me on my bed. Shaun really was a great guy. He was so understanding and he actually treated me like a normal person instead of that rich blind kid or the little brother who needed to be taken care of all the time. I clutched the movie we were going to watch, my favorite “Lord of the Rings” film. I had never had anyone to watch it with, not that Shaun knew that. It sounded so pathetic. It really was true that money wasn’t everything. Here we were, with enough money to spare and I had never had friends or visitors and Mercy had a terrible personality. He breathed in a sigh of contentment around the piping hot treacle tart on the fork in his mouth, shooting me a lazy grin. He could definitely appreciate good movies, that was for sure. Hopefully, he wouldn’t mind answering my rather unorthodox question now that he was content as a cat in the sun. It had been burning in my mind for some time and there was no one else I could ask.



What does…color look like?”

I could feel him staring at me in surprise. I think he sometimes got so used to treating me normally that he often forgot that I was blind. I liked that about him. He hummed, pondering over the question thoughtfully. That was another thing I liked. He always took me seriously. He never laughed at anything I said or asked.

Color is…Well, it’s…Hm. Color.” He puzzled over it for a long time before finally snapping his fingers with an ‘Ah ha!’, “Well, you see, you can’t really explain a color itself but I can tell you what it’s like. You know when you bite into a fresh, juicy strawberry? Well that’s red. And orange is like when they set off a big firework on New Years and it explodes so loud that it shakes the ground around you.”

I was captivated. Never before had I had something described to me in such detail. I remembered each sensation and it was like I could almost feel the colors themselves. It was glorious and exciting. It was how being with him always felt.

Blue is when you first step into the cool ocean. That little chill you get up your spine that feels cool and tingly warm all at once. Brown is the feel of fresh turned earth just before planting and green is the smell of fresh cut grass in the morning. White is the crisp feel of new fallen snow. And purple…well, they say that purple is the color of royalty but I think that it’s the color of sadness.” He explained with a wistful sound to his voice.

What about yellow?”

Hm. Yellow is…the feeling you get when you wake up with the sun shining down on you.”

Warm and joyful but calm. Would people be like colors too? Merceillious would probably be something sleek and cool, like the side of the limo beneath my hand or granite. I would probably be somewhere between white and purple, based on Shaun’s descriptions. Shaun himself? He would most certainly be yellow, then. My hands drummed a short staccato on my cane, happiness exuding from my pours. I was practically leaking it everywhere. Pretty soon I’d start barfing rainbows. I grinned and held up the movie for him to see.

Ready to have your mind blown apart by the joy that is Tolkien?”

He snorted and I could hear the smile in his voice.

I don’t know what that means but sure thing. I think my friend reads this book, actually. He’s small, quiet, nerdy, reads a lot. You’d like him.” Shaun said happily, helping me find my bearings when I slid a little as my foot met a stray cat toy on the floor.


All good things must come to an end. He released me to stand on my own just in time for the door to open at once. I felt Shaun tense beside me and then everything seemed to start coming apart at the seams.

You! What are you doing here?!” Shaun hissed furiously.

I live here. I do not recall inviting stray mutts into my home, however.” Merceillious’s voice cut like steel through what had been a blissful atmosphere, “Mercedes, why do you have a Prophet in your bedroom?” He asked venomously, his words holding the intent to injure, to dismantle and destroy.

As if Mercy being home early and catching me with a stranger in my room hadn’t been bad enough, he had to go and make it so much…worst. My heart stopped and I was suddenly rigid on my feet, trying to wrap my mind around what I was experiencing. The movie lay forgotten in my hand.


Shaun seemed to be going through the same confusion and shock as I was. He reeled to face me, the displaced air practically blowing my hair back so quick was his movement.

You’re one of them? You’re a Mortiferi?” He sounded stunned, unsure whether to be angry or upset or even to feel anything at all.

Mercy sneered.

Well isn’t this precious but I really think you should be going. I’m sure you have a dumpster to go through or something. Get out.”

Shaun moved from beside me and I could hear him moving towards the door. Somehow that tore me apart more than anything. Why couldn’t I have people in my life too? Why did it have to be this way?

Shaun!” I called, clutching my movie tightly in my hands.

I heard his steps falter hesitantly on the hard wood floors of the hallway. Would he stay? Would Mercy let him?

I-…I have to go, Mercedes.”

And with that, he walked away, not even saying goodbye. I fought the trembling in my hands and pressed my lips together as if I could somehow control my every emotion by holding it deep inside myself. I was tucking in the tears in my soul, bitterness and loneliness at war inside my heart. I turned back to my entertainment center to set my favorite movie on top of my television, untouched and unopened.

Signature of J.R.R. Tolkien. Taken from J. R. ...

Signature of J.R.R. Tolkien. Taken from J. R. R. Tolkien. The Lord of the Rings, including: The Fellowship of the Ring. London: George Allen & Unwin, 1954. First edition. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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