Providence- Part Nine


 Chapter Three


We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.” –  Martin Luther King Jr.


I was still smarting over Shaun’s rejection. Oh, he didn’t outright reject me in person or word but he never came back or contacted me after the Incident. He did not show up at the coffee shop again either, so I could only take it to mean that he did not wish to renew our acquaintance or relationship. Mercy was calling it my Lapse In Sanity and refused to acknowledge it further, preferring to pretend he did NOT walk in on one of his own being all buddy-buddy with a Prophet. That was why it was with some extreme confusion that I came home later that evening to find all twelve Prophets walking around our home, touring it and commenting on everything from the tapestries to the “ritzin’ fixin’s”, as one of them commented as he passed. I stiffly made my way to Merceillious’s office by memory, hoping against hope that I didn’t run into Shaun on my way. Unfortunately, Fate seemed to have a cruel sense of humor. I walked into Mercy’s office to find the two of them in a heavy conversation.


So these Fates want to whack Nathaniel?”


If you must put it in such a plebian, unintelligent way, then yes. They want her dead.” Mercy sneered distastefully at the other teen.


I sighed, clearing my throat to interrupt the two. I hid behind a stoic expression as the two focused their attentions on me.


Beg your pardon, but can someone tell me what is going on here?” I asked, mimicking Antony’s bored, unconcerned tone.


Mercy approached me with annoyance, irritated with the world at the moment, it seemed.


It seems we do charity after all. The mutts are going to be staying with us until the Fates leave London.” He griped, ignoring Shaun’s protests at his self-centered demeanor and comments towards his group.


I hummed lightly. I was almost sure that Shaun had been about to say something but a shrill scream from the entrance hall cut him off before he had the chance. Mercy muttered what sounded like “Oh great!” under his breath before the two of them rushed out of the room, while I followed at a much more sedate pace. I could immediately guess what the problem was. I could hear Epiphany shrieking from here. She was still screaming when I moseyed in.


WHAT IS SHE WEARING?! IS THAT A PHONE CORD FOR A BELT?!! I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU LET THESE HEATHENS IN OUR HOUSE!!” She screamed, no doubt at my brother who was attempting to console the frazzled fashion designer.


I know, dearest. They are perfectly horrible looking, but you will just have to either dress them in something bearable or don’t look at them. They’re going to be staying for a while.” He soothed gently, not even bothering to keep his voice down so he didn’t offend the gathered Prophets.


The Prophet nearest him spoke to the two Mortiferi in a soft, hurt voice.


I’m sorry! I could try and find something else…”


Much to my surprise and chagrin, Merceillious jumped to ease the teen’s feelings.


Don’t…worry about that, pet. We will think of something.” He said as consolingly as he could manage.


Just when I thought the plot couldn’t get any stranger, Shaun pushed his way over to the Prophet that I could safely assume was Nathaniel with a growl.


You will not be thinking of anything concerning her, you creep! You stay away from Nathaniel!” He demanded fiercely.


A stab of pain and jealousy shot through me for the first time in a very long while. Shaun liked Nathaniel too?! Was she the reason he hadn’t come back? A bitter dislike for the female coiled darkly in my chest and I slipped out of the room before anyone could notice. I wanted to stew in my own anger and hurt for a while, think over everything before I took action. Perhaps no action was the best? Perhaps…I didn’t really belong with Shaun. Maybe he was meant to be with Nathaniel? My hands began to quiver by the time I reached the elevator and by the time I was punching in the unlock code sequence on my bedroom door keypad, my eyes were feeling tight and watery. This just sucked.

~ o ~

 Merceillious called for dinner over the com network at seven o’clock sharp. I seriously considered refusing to go and just hiding up in my room like a scorned school girl. Unfortunately, my pride wouldn’t allow it. So here I was, sitting at the Dining Room table, and trying to hide what a foul mood I was in. I had suddenly gone from dwelling on the Shaun Incident as a past mistake, trying to put my hurt feelings behind me when out of the blue I was suddenly living with him! I had just started cutting into my salmon fillet, attempting to ignore the banter around the table as well as the stiff silence of the rest of the Mortiferi, when the situation took a turn for the absolute worst. Mercy set his glass of wine down gently and seemed to sigh lightly.


So, mutt, do you plan on traipsing with my brother again any time soon? You seemed awfully cozy in his room. I’d hate to have you neutered.” Merceillious said suddenly.


The whole table fell dead silent and my face heated up with both anger and mortification. I could not believe it! The Prophets and Mortiferi immediately rose up in horror.


You did what?!” The girl named Anya shrieked.


Mercedes! What were you thinking?!” Hunter asked in disgust and shock.


I wished the floor would just swallow me whole or I could turn invisible at will. I was so embarrassed I thought I would surely burst into tears any moment now. Mercy was unknowingly rubbing salt into my open wound concerning my now ex-best friend. Shaun was dead silent and I could hear Mercy’s self satisfied smirk in his low chuckle. He seemed to enjoy Shaun’s reaction more than any other. Unfortunately for him, he seemed to forget about my own. I stood up without another word and, seizing the entire cheesecake dish from the center of the table, hurled it at my brother’s no doubt smirking face. I heard the dessert make contact and the hall once more fell silent in horror. Anette opened the door, carrying no doubt, the second course or drink refills. I paid her no mind though. My attentions were solely focused on my pompous brother.


Si dovrebbe avere finito quando mi hai ucciso la nostra madre!” I screamed suddenly, rage overtaking me.


The tray that Annett had been carrying crashed to the ground, the sounds of glass shattering filling the air. The tension in the room was suddenly thick as air as I stormed off, leaving behind a table of very confused Prophets and one silent as the grave twin.


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