Providence- Part Five

imagesCADSO1KWPart Five, at last! For those of you who don’t keep up with my other posts, I have posted the first volume to the Prophets/Providence/Fates trilogy on here called Prophets. There are pairings even though romance isn’t really the main function and they are as follows:  Nathaniel/Mercy, Anya/Jamal?, Jude/Ophelia, Shaun/Mercedes (nothing even remotely graphic, this is definitely staying pg13 so no worries but this was a special request pairing from the original co-author so I feel obligated to keep it even though she’s no longer with us). Enjoy!


I heard the front door slam violently from my place at the Dining room table where Anette was setting out dinner. The crash shook the table, knocking my braille copy of Harry Potter to the tabletop from where it had been propped up against the coffee pot. Good gracious, where was the fire? I heard the furious footsteps stomp over the foot of the stairs where we had a box connected to the speaker system throughout the house. A necessity because of the sound proofed rooms we all had.

JAMAL!! CAYDEN!! GET YOUR SORRY CARCASSES DOWN HERE NOW!!!” Merceillious screamed, fury and hot rage in his voice.

Oh boy. That could NOT be good. I almost didn’t go into the next room to find out what was going on. My hand hesitated over the doorknob and Anette  froze in her bustling as the yell echoed throughout the house. I considered turning back but then I heard the elevator coming down to the main floor and I couldn’t just walk away without knowing what could make my brother so enraged. There was going to be an argle bargle and, I’ll admit it, I kind of wanted to see it in a strange, Jerry Springer kind of way. I arrived just in time for the shouting to begin as Jamal and Cayden walked in the room. Merceillious rounded on them angrily.

What is the meaning of this?! Why do I go out today and find out that the bloody PROPHETS know of us?! Know of us from the two of YOU!” He shouted, hurting my sensitive ears.

Oh, ouch. We had maintained our secrecy from our neighboring counterparts for years and now the two of them blew all of it in the span of a single afternoon. That had to rankle. Great. Mercy was going to be a nightmare for days. He wouldn’t be able to spy on his precious “kitten” anymore without being noticed. My brother was such a perve when it came to that kid.

We had the same run! What were we supposed to do?!” Jamal shot back defensively, his big voice thundering throughout the spacious room.

That was different. We had never had the same visions as the Prophets before. Our paths were never meant to cross. That’s just how it was. What an odd occurrence.

What do you mean you had the same run? That’s impossible!”

Not really. Just extremely improbable. If we were given the same visions for the first time, well…ever, then it was for a reason. Something had changed in the grand scale of things. Something that was tipping the timid balance they kept between themselves, the Prophets and the unsuspecting people of London. Curious. Very very curious. Whoever was meant to die today got very lucky indeed.

At least we completed the bleeding run!” Cayden groused, his voice filled with annoyance.

Or maybe not.

~ o ~

“Something on your mind?” I asked, stirring my latte slowly.

Shaun was sitting across the table from me, quieter than usual. He was in a rather brooding, contemplative mood today apparently. He seemed to startle out of his thoughts suddenly and chuckled, embarrassed. I gave him a crooked grin, letting him know no offense was taken. Shaun gave a sigh, sipping his tea lightly and fiddling with his napkin.

It isn’t anything major. Just a small problem with some neighbors. I can take care of it. And how about you? What’s a fancy pants like you doing today, Mercedes?”

Sitting around with this strange guy, you know? I don’t know why but he just keeps coming around and bothering me with decent conversation.” I sniggered, earning a laugh from Shaun.

So what’s it like living in a huge palace like that, huh?”

Annoying mostly. What I wouldn’t give for a smaller place.” I rolled my eyes, feeling that familiar pressure on my mind that signaled an oncoming vision.

I was going to have to cut this visit short. I plopped down money and a handsome tip for Talya, snatching up my cane with a grimace.

I have to go but Mercy’s gonna be going to Italy in a few days. Why don’t you come over and I’ll show you the place? We can watch all of those movies that you poor unfortunate souls haven’t experienced yet.” I grinned at the teasing.

It was daring. I’d have to sneak him around the others but I could manage. Epiphany and Jamal would be at work most of the day and Cayden was preparing for an upcoming symphony. It could be done. Hopefully.

~ o ~

 This was probably the worst day of my life. Mercy was bustling about the house, still in a rather foul mood, shouting out orders helter skelter every which way. It was absolute chaos. Every one of our servants in the house were running here and there trying to prepare for Mercy to leaving in half an hour on his trip back to Italy to work out some of our family business deals that required him to be present. There was such a mish mash of Italian, English and French flying about that it was impossible to make sense of anything over the noise, especially with all of my brother’s shouting and the running feet every which way.

I had attempted to navigate the insanity but submitted myself to likely another hour of being stuck in the chair by the main entrance. I couldn’t even concentrate on my book because of the ruckus so I merely waited for it all to pass, unable to so much as find my way to the staircase without threat of injury. I couldn’t wait until Merceillious was on his way to the airport and all of this calmed down. Once he was gone, I would be in charge of the house and I had every intention of giving our poor frazzled maids the rest of the day off. And having a friend over. Secretly, of course.

Epiphany was at a show conference, Jamal was touring a few of his businesses until late tonight and Hunter had gone out with his royal friend to the premier of Cayden’s new Symphony 13. I couldn’t wait to hear it either. It was going to be a Halloween Through The Ages theme. Cayden had recorded a special CD of it for me but wouldn’t let me have it until after the premier. After what seemed like an eternity, Mercy finally stood before me with purpose, looking down at me in my spot in the chair that had been the single port in the packing storm.

I have to leave now, so remember. You’re tutors will be by tomorrow at two, and do try not to fall down the stairs. I would hate for you to die in such a plebian way. I will see you when I get back.”

Bye, Mercy.” Was the only response I gave his rather offhanded, arrogant statement.

Without another word, he turned away from me and all of the chaos followed him out of the door. A smirk spread across my face and I headed upstairs to pick through my movies.


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