Providence- Part Eleven

imagesCADSO1KWSome brotherly affection in this segment. Sort of. It is shorter than the usual segments but I like this one better as a stand alone, really.

~ o ~

“Well, you’ve gotten yourself in a fine mess now. Out playing in the rain no doubt!” Anette snipped, leaving a bowl of chicken noodle soup and a glass of water on a tray for him.


Mercy tapped his foot irritably, shooing her out quickly. I sighed from where I had been tucked like a straight jacket into my bed, wincing in pain passed the swollen throat and fever. I’d gotten sick from being out in the rain after the fight. I shouldn’t have been so stupid. I had a weak immune system and always had. Even when I was a child I was sick more often than not. We probably spent a fortune on doctor’s visits and medications. I hadn’t heard from any of the Prophets since we’d returned. They were all being blissfully, unusually quiet. Apparently, there had been a hideous fight when we had come back and I’d been put to bed. From what I had heard, there had been an outright verbal battle between Merceillious and Shaun. Once it was over, Mercy hadn’t left my side since then. Especially since I’d woken up with a searing fever and a jubilee of likewise pleasant symptoms.


Do you want to watch a movie? I may as well entertain you while you’re bedridden and disease filled.” His brother groused, setting the tray over his twin’s lap.


Much to my irritation and chagrin, Mercy plopped a straw in my soup bowl. As if my arms were broken or something!


I am perfectly capable of using a spoon, you know.” I rasped, wincing in pain.


Just use the straw bat-boy,” Mercy said after I handed him the movie I wanted to watch, “We can’t just magic away third degree burns, you know.”


He took in the title of the movie he had been handed with a scoff of disgust, immediately realizing that he had made a pun. How…common.


Harry Potter?!” I gave him an unabashed smirk and he hissed, “You disgust me.” Nonetheless, Mercy put the movie in the DVD player and settled on the bed next to his twin for the afternoon, “Just try not to infect me with your disease.”


The flu or the nerdiness?”




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