Prophets- Part Six

untitledWow. Prophets is officially longer than Providence. I will have to remedy that. Providence is by far my favorite, even though Prophets is the original story. 🙂 Prophets is Volume One, Providence is Volume Two and Fates is Volume Three.


Shaun’s face was suddenly full of disorder and raging disgust. He pulled Nathaniel away from the circle, and, more importantly, away from that man, his own eyes brimming with ire. Mattherson, Gavin, Carson, and Zoey bravely stepped in the way of the stranger and what looked like his prey. The guy smirked and took out his watch to casually check the time, making it clear that he didn’t feel the least bit threatened by them. Shaun was too busy looking over Nathaniel to worry about him. Noah watched the proceedings as if it were all happening on a rather intriguing television show instead of in his presence.

“Nate, tell me you didn’t just call him that.” His eyes were still that Husky blue color but they were as serious and icy as his tone.

“Um. Well, that’s what he told me to call him ever since we met. So…” Nate’s head tilted in confusion, “…yes?”


The poor girl worried her bottom lip, afraid that she had angered him with her answer. She couldn’t tell.  His face was in that scrunched up way that said that he was unhappy, for sure. A slight snicker was heard from the bizarre stranger nearby and Shaun shot a venomous glare in his direction. He pulled his focus back to Nathaniel with some difficulty.

“No, Nathaniel, he‘s not your master. He’s just some freak in an expensive suit. When did you meet this guy? Where?!” His voice was raising but he tried to keep it down to make it seem that he wasn’t freaking out about this sudden twist.


He had to be calm. As calm as he could be in this circumstance. It was a disturbing turn of events. Though he kept his voice down the emotion was still piercing Nathaniel directly and aggressively. Small tears started to well up in the corners of Nathaniel’s eyes as Shaun’s voice escalated and the grip on his arm became tighter.

“I-I-I’m not sure. It was a long time-”

Without much warning the arrogant man was suddenly on the other side of Nathaniel, gripping her shoulders and pulling her backwards into his chest. Shaun was forced to relinquish his hold on Nathaniel’s arm or face hurting the poor upset Prophet. After the accusatory glance back at his group, he turned to face the mysterious man. Shaun glowered up at the man but seemed to cool down enough that Nathaniel began to calm down too. The tears had stopped and Nathaniel was tucked under one of the Other man’s arms. He was acting as though he owned Nathaniel and it was raising Shaun‘s hackles like a rabid dog. He stepped towards the man and spoke with a cool tone mixed with anger.

“Who are you really?”

The man scoffed now that he had won his prize and was now being badgered for information like a petty thug. He ignored Shaun completely and answered down to Nate as if she had asked it instead.

Well, though I preferred you calling me Master, I suppose you should know my full name now, Pet.” He stroked Nathaniel’s hair as he addressed himself proudly, “My name is Merceillious De Luca. I’m the leader of a similar group of talented individuals, like you, though we handle The Gift differently. We are called the Mortiferi.” His tone was more formal as he looked around the room glancing at the varying faces of the Prophets. He paused on Shaun with a sneering smirk and added, “Though our visions are where the…similarities end.”

 Nathaniel stopped brushing away her tears and glanced up at Merceillious.


Merceillious…that’s such a pretty name.”

Shaun shook his head and spoke up with his tone and emotion back in check. Sometimes, he really wondered about her. Sure, she had always been a little special, mentally, but this?


Differently? You use your powers to kill people. That’s nothing like us, we save them. And if you see what we do than how come we’ve never run into any of you before now?”

Nathaniel’s face dropped after Shaun said the word kill. She looked up at Merceillious with a look that pleaded for an explanation, some justification for something so horrible. Merceillious looked down at her and smiled again. Nathaniel wiggled her way out from the solid grasp and walked back over to Noah. He didn’t say a word but Merceillious’s posture stiffened as her watched her walk away. He scanned the theater with a look of mild disgust on his face before clearing his throat and speaking directly at Shaun this time.

 “Haven’t you ever heard the saying ‘An eye for an eye’?” He walked around the stage and paused looking up at the rafters with an arrogant expression. “All those lives you saved have to be taken from other people in the end. The Balance must be restored. A life for a life. We only kill those who are destined to go. You’ve never seen us because we choose not to be seen by you. Does that answer your ignorant, adolescent questions or would you like to ask me how to tie my shoes as well?” He turned back towards the Prophets and sneered. “I seriously doubt that any of you could possibly compare to what we do. You running around trying to be superheroes, but this is reality, boy and girls, and there are costs. Even superheroes need villains.” He hopped off the stage and started strutting towards the exit. The wealthy man reached the door, turning around with a snide remark, “Have fun running through traffic and digging through trash to save all those people who’ll never know you exist.” As the door was closing he shot Nate a rakish grin, “I’ll be seeing you later, mio caro.”

The door closed and the Prophets were stunned for a moment before chatter broke out. Nathaniel was trying to hold his blush down and Shaun looked as if he would like nothing more than to run out the door and beat that pompous arrogant buffoon down.


Nevertheless he was able to reign his urges in just in time for Noah to step up and take the floor as the ice breaker once again, “Um…What a bloody prick.”

He could not have said it better himself.



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