Prophets- Part Five

untitledPart Five! Woot woot! Here we get to see Merceillious, everyone’s favorite Mortiferi jerk. Enjoy!


She just couldn’t bear it. All those people the Prophets had seen die, not one of them had survived tonight. The tears were never ending as she fell into the crevice in the wall in her room, sliding to the floor. A sick feeling was stirring in her stomach and, like a wild fire, would not be quenched. She wanted everything to stop and the whole world to mourn the death of all those lost today. It was too much to handle alone. She covered her ears angrily, blocking out the usual lights and noises outside. They were the same as they ordinarily were this time of night but the lack of averting from the norm only upset her more. Why didn’t anyone care about those lives lost? That little girl in the blue minivan with her mother driving, she had been taking her to the zoo for her birthday. Or that old couple taking a brisk walk on the side of the bridge, reliving old and wonderful memories. Those teens coming home from a trip all laughing until the bridge shook and gravity pull everyone different ways.

Cars were dropped into the river like stones. A delivery truck crushed the mother and her daughter. One of the cars lost in the waves was the teen-filled car. The elderly couple were split on either side and the old woman was killed by a van swerving to get out there. While her dear husband cling onto the side of the bridge until his fingers gave out then he was down in the river, soon to be crushed by an empty school bus, it‘s driver barely making it out in time to swim to safety. It was horrible enough to watch all of those lives being snuffed out in a vision, but knowing that they really did die, that it actually happened, was the worst thing that could have ever come about. Nathaniel didn’t even realize she wasn’t alone until Shaun took her up in his arms.

He carried Nate over to her bed and held her there, letting her cry until she couldn’t any longer. He was stroking her hair and whispering quiet things to soothe her. It was sweet but it didn’t help the sick feeling to ease. Nathaniel finally stopped crying. It wasn’t that she felt better or anything.  She had simply tired herself out and had cried herself to sleep. Shaun stroked her head tenderly, placing her down in the bed with a regretful sigh. He didn’t leave until the sun started to peak its head out from the dark blanket in the East.

 It was always hard to fail a run, but this one had been huge. He couldn’t blame anyone but himself though. If only he had paid attention to the levers and not gone off chasing those guys. He walked over to the window, finally leaving Nathaniel’s side, and glanced up at the sky. It was that dusky gold colored with the pink, orange, and red clouds. Beautiful. It was suppose to be a sight for the graveyard shift and the early birds. Today, though, Shaun took part in it as well. He swore to himself that no matter what, the Mortiferi were not going to harm his people like this again. He was the leader and he had a responsibility to those under his watch. If was the last thing he did in this life, he was going to find out who those people were and why they had chosen to kill instead of save those innocent people. They’d never even seen death coming for them.

~ o ~

 The rain had finally stopped long enough for the sun to set the following afternoon. Shaun and the others were on full alert due to the recent information they had gained about the Mortiferi and their existence. Who would have thought that an entire other group of vision wielding people existed right in London and they had been none the wiser all this time! It’s not like it was a common occurrence or anything. Now the entire group of Prophets were more or less under lock down until they found out more about their opposition. Shaun only let one pair go out everyday as an extra safety precaution. This was a new policy that had begun to stew exhaustion and irritation within the ranks. It was a different pair everyday because Anya and Shaun were suspicious that the same limo that had been circling outside could be connected to the Others. The pair that went out for the day had to complete any and all runs on their own which made everyone bored, dead tired or on edge. It had been speculated that the Mortiferi may be watching Alexandria Palace, so despite being worn out and stir-crazy, it was a rule that they all followed without question.


Today it was Nathaniel and Noah, doing two runs and trying to pick up something to eat. They certainly weren’t the biggest pair but they managed to get the job done. The room had been quiet, each Prophet sullen and withdrawn as they waited for their comrades to return with food. Gavin and Remus were playing a tense game of spades in the middle of the stage while Antony smoked on the catwalk above. Everyone was scattered here and there but not much conversation took place. The anxiety within the gang had reached a new height with renewed sightings of that sleek black vehicle. A door was slammed out front, without warning, and the entire room seemed to startle. Jesse grumbled about the front door shortly, standing to go check on it. Alexandria Palace was ancient and things were creaking and breaking all the time. The idea that it was just the wind evaporated as a man stepped into the stage room, where everyone had gathered. The man walked casually and was looking around the place with an expression of utter revulsion. Shaun stood as alarmed as the others, though his face was the quickest to turn to anger. Mattherson spoke first, bristling at the glances of contempt the stranger was giving their beloved home.

 “And who do you fink you are waltzing in the place for? Hey! Who the ‘ell are you!?”

This caused the man to lift his sunglasses and stare him up and down. It seemed he neither saw him as a threat or worth explaining himself to. He merely walked all the way down the aisles and jumped up on stage. He gave a wide birth to their sleeping pallets as if they would infect him with some sort of disease if he came too close. The light allowed the group a better look at the strange man. He was decently tall and dressed in well tailored clothes that looked more at home in a fashion magazine, yet they looked better on him than they did on any lifeless manikin. He had an arrogant face to match the self-important tone he used when at last he deigned to give them any sort of acknowledgement.

 “What a dirty bunch of rats you all turned out to be. I didn’t believe Jamal but, my my. You lot really are shoddy. So this must be your living quarters. It seems fitting for your type. Pity they didn’t tear this place down…”

 Anya spat aside to show her disgust with the man.

OI! You gonna talk or do I have to make you talk like we did your little friends?”

The threat was scoffed at and then he responded with an equal amount of revulsion that one would give a pile of dung on the sidewalk.


It figures the females are the defense for a bunch of peasants.”

Shaun and the Prophets were bewildered at the sheer arrogance of this man. Calling them such degrading names, half of which weren’t even true! It was at that unfortunate moment that Noah and Nathaniel arrived at the scene, the dreadlocked teen leading the way. Both boys were very curious at the crowd that had formed in the middle of their home. Noah was the one to put voice to the question in their eyes.

“Oi! What’s all the noise about guys?”

The circle opened revealing a man with nice, tailored clothes who was altogether a well groomed gentleman if one looked passed his poisonous attitude. While the Prophets were all trying to think of an answer to Noah’s question, it was surprisingly Nathaniel who broke the silence.

“Oh wow! It’s my Master!” A smile was plastered across her face, smeared with a look of tender familiarity that was baffling for everyone involved except for the man at the center.

The man’s face contorted into a devious smirk, a pair of exceptional emerald eyes zeroing in on the girl. His expression was full of superiority that seemed to prove a point that the two Prophets had missed by coming in late.

 “Ah, my dear Nathalia. I’m flattered that you remembered my name after all this time. I‘ve been looking for where you got off to.” His voice was arrogant but it was somehow softer when he spoke to Nathaniel, almost like a deep purr.

They froze as a collective. This man knew Nathaniel’s birth name?


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