Prophets- Part Three

untitledOkay, in this bit we get more of Noah’s background. Noah and Nathaniel will be the two primary main characters in Prophets, and in its companion piece, Providence, the main character will be Mercedes, and perhaps occasionally a little Merceillious action too. There will eventually be a third work called Fates which will be about how the Prophets, Mortiferi and Fates began and it will take place back in ancient times, probably in Greece. This does, however, follow the same timeline that Providence does.


 Noah blew one of his dreds out of his face annoyed and hungry. He had long since gotten aggravated with the rather dull heroine of his new library book and had left it in his bag. He was waiting for Anya and Shaun to get back so they could eat. They’d gone out on a run and were going to pick something up on the way back, but they hadn’t returned yet and all around the room, the Prophets were starting to get antsy without their leader. Gavin plopped down on the stage in front of him where he had taken up residence in the old prompter’s box, resting his hands on his chin to get comfortable. Gavin grinned down at him, his crooked grin mischievous and impish.

“Oi, Noah. Has our lovely Anya finally eloped with Shaun or what?”

He looked up at the trouble making teenager with raised eyebrows. Wow. That was a bit of a surprise. He hadn’t expected anyone to be so outright lewd about whatever it was that Shaun and Anya had going on (or whatever Shaun wished they had going on), but he wasn’t surprised that of all people it would be Gavin to say it. He was by far the most outspoken of them and tended to be freer with his words no matter who they concerned.

 “I doubt it. I don’t know any more than you do. Why don’t you ask Zoey, yeah?”

Gavin seemed to think about it before a wicked smirk came over his face and he nodded. He reached into the box and ruffled Noah’s dreds affectionately.

Yeah, yeah, thanks kid!” He chuckled before bounding off to bother Zoey, one of his favorite victims.

Noah rolled his shifting lavender eyes and crawled out of the box so he could watch them. Gavin bounded up to his fellow comrade where she was talking to Jesse and Michel. Mattherson was pacing above the stage on the two catwalks that stretched the expanse of the room. Nathaniel’s bedroom was up there as well though no one ever went there.

“Zo! Will you go out with me?” He asked the unsuspecting girl, waggling his eyebrows suggestively.

The blonde’s face immediately turned red before she sputtered indignantly. Noah grinned. He knew what Gavin was trying to do. He was the big jokester of the group.


Awww come on. You and Shaun were the ones who decided we couldn’t go outside without someone else with us.”

At her furious, embarrassed glare he laughed madly and dodged her swinging fist.

Gavin, you clown! Get back here and take what’s coming to you!” She yelled after his running figure.

He was barely saved, however, by the arrival of not only Anya and Shaun but a new guest as well. She was tall and lovely with an exotic look that made heads turn. Gavin whistled appreciatively and the other boys gave each other grins and nudges. Anya was blushing at their rudeness and she scoffed, walking through them with her arms crossed.

Oh shut up, you clowns!” She barked and the comments turned to quieted sniggers.

Shaun rolled his eyes at them all before stepping into the center of the crowd. Nathaniel scurried her way over to Noah and sat next to her best friend eagerly, bouncing in excitement.

Prophets this is Talya. She’s going to be joining us from now on. Talya, these are the Prophets. This is Anya, Jesse, Gavin, Michel, Mattherson, Zoey, Nathaniel, Noah, Remus is in the field with Carson, and Anthony. This is where we live.” He explained to the pretty girl who looked at them all with bright, friendly and curious opal eyes.

Thank you for taking me in. It’s a pleasure to meet all of you.” She said with a distinct Russian accent.

Anya’s eyes fiercely scanned the group of boys for any leers or comments. Noah felt a grin split his face. It seems the tough as nails tomboy had finally met a girl she could actually relate to and like, instead of just being one of the boys.

So what do you do out in the real world, Talya?” Anya asked gently, sitting next to their new companion.

Oh, I’m an exotic dancer, actually.”



Noah dug through the nearest can desperately, trying to find something that could possibly fill his belly a little. So far, it had been a lousy haul. A hunk of old cheese, some bread crust and a dented can of tomatoes, made useless by the fact that he had broken his can opener just last week. He sighed and was just about to call it a night when a voice, tough but sweet called out to him from the overhang above.

Oi! Whatch’u doin’ down there, lovey?” Came the female voice, making Noah’s head shoot upwards.

There she was. A girl, not much older than he was, sitting on the side of the top of the building, her long red braid sliding over her shoulders like a snake. There was a sound from behind him at the mouth of the alley and a guy, tall with bluer than possible eyes and a comforting smile, approached him slowly. Noah tensed but the older teen put his hands up to show he meant him no harm.

Easy, it’s okay. We’re not here to hurt you. What’s you’re name, kid?” He asked gently, stepping over to him and looking down at Noah’s dirty hands still on the side of the can.

He hesitated only for a moment before taking a shaking breath.

Noah. Just…Noah.”

The girl hopped down, using an unbelievable sort of flip to land beside him, her smile bright and lovely.

You see visions don’t you, Noah? Of things that happen? People dying.” The guy said calmly.

From anyone else, Noah would have yelled for the police and bolted. However, the other male was right. He did. They scared him and terrified him the first time he had seen it happen. He nodded slowly. The guy grinned and stuck a welcoming hand out towards him. The smiling girl wrapped a hand around his shoulders.

I’m Shaun. This is Anya. We have visions too, except we’ve decided to prevent them.” At Noah’s look of wonder he continued, “There’s a whole group of us. Twelve total actually. We’re called the Prophets. What would you say to joining us, Noah?”

Well it wasn’t like he had anywhere else to go. He shrugged. Why not? Anya beamed at him and looped her arm in his own.

Come on. Let’s get you something to eat, yeah?”

His empty stomach growled with the promise of sustenance to come. XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX



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