Prophets- Part Four

untitledOkay so, while this isn’t a romance story by any stretch of the imagination, there will be some pairings for the trilogy as a whole. They are as follows: Nathaniel/Mercy, Anya/Jamal?, Jude/Ophelia, Shaun/Mercedes (nothing even remotely graphic, this is definitely staying pg13 so no worries but this was a special request pairing from the original co-author so I feel obligated to keep it even though she’s no longer with us). Enjoy!


The day was long and dull, absolutely nothing out of the ordinary happening, to his great regret. What he wouldn’t give for some excitement, a whisper of a vision. He had finally given up on the sad excuse for a book he’d been reading and moved onto the second one: one of Tolkein’s glorious works. Much more refreshing than that dime store vampire fluff that was so popular nowadays. All was quiet and calm, a perfect reading atmosphere. That is until Shaun and Gavin burst through the doors, talking up a storm. It was like a hurricane of din and noise threatened to knock the entire place to the ground! He twitched with irritation. Seriously?! This again?!

Almost before he even looked around the room, Shaun yelled throughout Alexandria Palace, “Everybody down here for an emergency meeting! NOW!”

 Nathaniel was spending time with the new girl, Talya, and Anya, in one of the old dressing rooms just across the hall from the main stage room in some strange form of female bonding. At Shaun’s announcement Nathaniel’s head popped up from an old costume box, a fake fruit basket and a blue forehead jewel on her face. She glanced over at the others. Noah looked back at her from his seat on an old pile of broken chairs, shrugging his shoulders. Now that they had to move Michael over to Liverpool, the gang was doing a bit of reshuffling as far as partners were concerned. Anya was getting Talya as a partner. There could only ever been twelve Prophets in London unless the population suddenly spiked or rapidly declined. He didn’t know how it worked or why it was that way, but Shaun understood it better than the rest of them. He was just born with the knowledge of how things went. He just knew. It had puzzled and confounded him when he had first joined the Prophets but Noah had eventually just accepted it as a mystery of their being. He and Nathaniel followed the two twittering girls quietly, unsure of what was happening. What was bad enough that Shaun had to order an emergency meeting and with a stranger in their midst, no less.

 Word was going around that Nathaniel and Noah might become partners themselves. It wasn’t a bad idea considering they spent almost every other minute with each other anyways. Shaun used to hog all of Nathaniel’s attention but that was only because she was, until recently, the new kid. Shaun had a protective streak for Nathaniel as wide as the English Channel. Lately, their wayward leader had been spending all of his spare time at The Breakfast Club with Talya, though. It was a small café about twenty minutes by bus where the ex-dancer had found work. With Noah‘s help, Nate got the silly dress up gear off as they headed over to the main stage. Everyone had assembled at last, filing in from the wings and the back stage area, all whispering and talking. Soon the clamor died down and Shaun spoke.

Okay listen, you lot. Gavin and I were out doing a run on that bridge job and everything was going as usual. Then we notice two other people who were undoing most of our hard work! It’s pretty obvious after a minute that they were doing it on purpose, too, trying to make sure that lady died.”

A puzzled look over took the group. And then random outburst ensued.

What! Who would work against us? We don‘t exactly exist to polite society, do we?” Mattherson’s sarcasm was adding fuel to the fire that erupted from this revelation.

How is that even possible?”

Do you think they know?”

Why would someone do that? That’s terrible…” Nathaniel’s voice came softly, laced with sadness and concern.

Hey, hey, hey! Guys let ‘im finish all right?” Gavin hollered over the ruckus and somehow managed to give the floor back to Shaun. He nodded thankfully towards his companion, clearing his throat and speaking up with a more direct tone.

Kay, so these two guys notice we’re watching them and they bolt, right. So Gavin takes the South end and I chase them into that alley next to the West port deli and that ol’ bakery. We corner the blokes and after a tussle we get the little one of ‘em to tell us who they were and all. They only told us that they were part of a group called the Mortiferi and they were only making sure the bridge killed those people like we saw. The big one caught me in the cheek and the skinny bugger slipped free like a mad phooka. After that they ran off and we lost ’em in a crowd of people in the square.”

The group was silent, absorbing the new information, until Nathaniel spoke up,


So those people really died?”


Gavin looked away and Shaun nodded mournfully. Anya spoke up next, her voiced colored with anger.


There had to have been more than those two from that Mortiferi gang there. Somebody had to pull that lever once you two chased them off.”


This earned a few nods from the group. Noah just couldn’t wrap his head around it. Who in the world would want to kill people if they could foresee their deaths? Could the Mortiferi foresee deaths as well or was it just some strange twisted Big Brother type of thing? No answers were forthcoming. It was sick. Those Mortiferi or whoever may possibly share their gift but they were definitely not in their right mind. Killer Prophet wannabes? What the hell? Shaun started to talk about new safety rules that were going to have to take place. It brought a groan of disdain and long suffering to the group as a whole. Perhaps he should have been listening but Noah was more caught up in his own thoughts to think about anything else.


Once the meeting was dismissed Nathaniel ran out the doors heading upstairs. Shaun followed after her quickly. Poor Nathaniel. This was her first failed run. Sure she hadn’t been on the run herself but they all shared the vision. It made it personal, having to watch the moment that a person’s life was snuffed out. Everyone had been careful not to talk too much about any failed runs around Nate. She was very sensitive and since she was so new, she hadn’t learned to harden herself to it yet. It was impossible to think that they would be able to save everyone. It just didn’t work that way. She was such a soft, kindhearted soul that Noah wasn’t sure she would ever learn to block out the chance of failure. He just hoped for her sake that she did. In a life like theirs, a person could go mad otherwise.



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