DeafTech: LACE Training

From my second blog By the Deaf, For The Deaf focusing on different types of technologies for the Deaf and HH

By the Deaf, For The Deaf

LACE training is the topic of our piece today, ladies and gents. What is LACE training, you may be wondering? Well here’s what their website has to say about it:

Conceived by leading audiologists at the University of California at San Francisco and implemented by silicon valley software veterans, LACE® Auditory Training programs retrain the brain to comprehend speech up to 40% better in difficult listening situations such as: Noisy Restaurants, Rapid speakers, Competing speakers.

Just as physical therapy can help rebuild muscles and adjust movements to compensate for physical weakness or injury, LACE will help you develop skills and strategies to deal with situations when hearing is inadequate.

I do really struggle in situations like these, with my hearing aids on or off, so I decided to give it a try. I’m on Day 2 so far, so I’m not expecting miracles but so far, it has been rather…

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