Dear Caffeine, I didn’t mean it, baby, come back!


problem with caffeine someecardsUggghhhh, okay so today we’re going to be touching on caffeine. As I write this, I’m sitting here with my first cup of coffee in a few days. For those of you who don’t drink caffeine, this may all seem a little silly to you but it’s all truth. So a few days ago, I went to a doctors appointment with my younger sister (20 years old) where they told her that she had “Non-elastic Fibers” on her breasts and that, no matter how much pain they were causing her that they wouldn’t approve her for an ultrasound to investigate the problem further. They did tell her that apparently it’s a symptom of too much caffeine intake and that she would have to stop drinking caffeine all together. So, in an attempt to be a supportive elder sibling, I decided to quit caffeine with her, to keep her company so she didn’t feel so bummed out about it. Well, I failed to take a few things into account, the primary factor being the sheer amount of caffeine I ingest on a regular basis.

Reason Number One Why Caffeine Cold Turkey Was A Terrible Idea:

I drink about six more caffeinated beverages in a given time span than my sister does.

So, on day one, I tried decaf for the first time. It was one of those hazelnut cups that go into my Kuerig and when I tasted it, I foolishly thought,

“Well maybe this won’t be so bad. This tastes just fine.”

Wrong. So very very wrong. Later the next afternoon, out of the blue, I started getting sick. Not like, Oh-It’s-Just-A-Little-Stomach-Ache sick. No, it was “Hot-Then-Cold-Headaches-Muscles-Aching-Grab-A-Book-Because-You-Will-Be-Spending-The-Next-Hour-In-The-Bathroom” sick. I didn’t attribute this to caffeine withdrawal until today after doing more research on the subject, but I spent the rest of the evening couch bound. The next day, I woke up with quite some difficulty. It took me forever to get myself to get out of bed. Throughout the day, I experienced fatigue, depression, muscle aches, shaking, mental fugue, stomach and headaches. I know that if I had stuck with it for a few more days, I may have been in the clear, just like with smoking, but, to be honest, I felt sick. Sick in my body and mind. Nothing on me felt okay. So now, I sit here relaying this for all of you to ponder on for yourselves, enjoying my first cup of coffee since my experience. I’ve read that caffeine is considered toxic now ad that even has it listed as a narcotic. After all of that, I can believe it, even as I open up my Red Bull. Food for thought.caution



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