Disney Loves To Kill Moms



Okay, so my boyfriend called me a little while ago, completely distraught. His five year old brother was watching The Goofy Movie and he discovered that Goofy’s wife died and that he used his goofiness to cover his pain so that his son wouldn’t see. Well, of course this prompted me to explain to him that single fathers were a common theme in the 90’s, especially in Disney movies. So for all of your viewing pleasure, here is a short list of some of the characters without mothers from the Disney.


1. Ariel from The Little Mermaid...In the prequel to The Little Mermaid, we actually get to see Ariel’s mother, Athena. She is tragically killed, it is unclear whether she was captured by fisherman or struck by their ship, and King Tritan goes on to raise his seven children alone. E bans all forms of music in the kingdom because his wife loved to sing and it reminded him too much of her loss.


2. Cinderella…When the iconic movie, Cinderella, opens, we see the future princess, essentially being used for free slave labor in the home that was once her own. We don’t really get much information on her mother, just that she died when Cinderella was very young. Her father died before the opening of the first scene, though we do get a bit of background on him in the form of a montage at the beginning.



3. Pocahontas…In Pocahontas, her mother has a little more of a presence in the film by way of the necklace that is passed down to her daughter. Even though Pocahontas’s mother’s necklace is broken in the film, when Thomas(voice by Christian Bale) shoots her would-be fiance, it is repaired at the movie’s end and returned to her. Other than through her necklace, given as a sort of future wedding gift, all we know of her mother is that she died.


4. Princess Jasmine from Aladdin…Jasmine’s mother is never even really mentioned. She lives with her father, the Sultan, who is pressuring her into marrying, as the law states she has to be wed before her next birthday. It’s assumed her mother is dead but we never really get a for sure answer on it, it any of the movies, tv series or manga (yup. Manga. It’s called Kilala.)


5. Aladdin…Likewise, we have nothing on either of Aladdin’s parents! Come on, Disney!


6. Wart from The Sword In The Stone…Wart, who’s name is actually Arthur, is parentless as well. He has an adoptive brother and father but all we know is that he is an orphan training to be a squire since, as an orphan, that is the highest rank he is allowed to achieve.


7. Max from The Goofy Movie…I won’t go much into this one since it was mentioned above.


And now, for the Mother-less character you’ve all been waiting for…


8. Princess Leia from Star Wars…Yup. No more mom, thanks big time, Death Star. Way to go.



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