In Which We Write A Silly Song

ukeGoodness! So after I was done working on Monsters In the Mirror Part Two, I was so creeped out that I jumped when my phone went off! So, I decided that it was time to put up something light hearted and fun. It was time to write a silly song! Like on Veggie Tales. đŸ˜‰ Now, I am a writer. HOWEVER, song writing and poetry are both things that you will rarely see from me, simply because I am absolute garbage at them both. So keep this in mind as your read this goofy, silly thing that spawned from me around Valentine’s Day this year and try not to take it too seriously lol.

…(For those who play ukuelele, the chords for this are C and G repeated rather quickly. Think: I Like Giants by Kimya Dawson)

Last night I had a dream,

That we were sitting by the sea,

Beneath a darkened azure golden sky…

You looked at me with hopeful eyes,

And me what I want in life,

And I said that I wanted just to be…


To be a writer and a bee,

To feel this constant gravity,

Pulling my eyes always back to yours.

To laugh out loud when you strike gold,

To be with you til I get old.

To hang out with you for all of my life…

Rock and Roll from nine to five,

Be part of a great big hive,

Part of something greater than just me…

And if I get sent far away,

Just know at the end of the day,

That your the greatest part of little me…



And that concludes our silly songs with Writer’s Bay.



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