Happy Birthday, Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee at the Women's World Award 200...

Christopher Lee at the Women’s World Award 2009 (Wiener Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What can be said about the man who has played such iconic roles as Saruman the White, Star Wars’ Count Dooku and even an old school Dracula? What can’t be said? At 91 years old today, Christopher Lee is releasing his latest Heavy Metal album. Yes, my autocorrect did not stutter. The old Brit plays Metal and it is an amazing experience. On his Christmas album, he did a Metal rendition of the Little Drummer Boy and I nearly lost my biscuits listening to it. What says Joy to the World and Peace and Goodwill like a 91 year old Lord of the Rings character dressed as Charlemagne grinding an axe like no one’s business? Santa had better pull that sleigh over. So, with that, Sir Christopher Lee, we salute you. Happy Birthday.



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